Assets, Locations and Owners

If you are looking to use something please get in touch, we are always happy to help other people just looking to learn or promote learning.

A huge thank you to the various companies that have supplied equipment, this allows us to excel faster than before.

Some assets are owned by the Engineering Society, while others we simply have access to use, this can make a difference when it comes to the accessibility of said a device.

Owned by Engineering Society

ItemLocationThanks to:
Eachine E01*PendingIET
Intelli AA/AAA ChargerPendingIET
DJI Tello Edu editionPendingIET

Owned by Students

3D PrinterGillingham, KentNathan Arnold
3D PrinterKentRobert Glidewell
3D PrinterGillingham, KentZack Zarrock
Dremmel 3000Gillingham, KentNathan Arnold
2 * RC CarGillingham, KentNathan Arnold
36+ AA 2000mAhGillingham, KentNathan Arnold

University of Greenwich owned

PCB PrintingHawk
CAD SoftwareNelson
Soldering StationsHawk
Bench Power SuppliesNelson