Institution of Engineering and Technology

Who are the IET?

The IET are an international corporation who are committed to stimulate the engineering community to make the world of tomorrow a better place. Their website contains a wide source of published journals, books and much more, that can be invaluable for students in need of research material.

Furthermore, the IET are amongst the world’s most influential engineering institutions, with over 168,000 members, spread across 150 countries. By creating an account on their official website, you will have access to a staggering amount of useful information, such is the ‘mission’ of IET.

What do the IET accomplish for the Society?

Due to the prestige that is fundamental within the IET, by aligning the society with this company, it will provide its members professional recognition, as a consequence of you wanting to spend your free time developing engineering solutions. Additionally, if you were to be a certified STEM Ambassador, the volume of attention you will receive and the effect it will have on your professional career will be substantially improved.

What does the IET do for me?

The official IET website is contained with a vast amount of information, news, professional support and plenty more. By following the IET you will be able to stay up to date with the latest events and conferences that could shape the world of engineering.