Started in September we are have mentors that are student lead, allowing for a student that have done the previous year to mentor students in the year below.

Join Us

If you would like to start mentoring, just pop by to any of our events or sessions, get involved and network with like minded people, tell one of us that you are interested and we can start the ball rolling.

Many of our engineers are also a part of the Pool Society, so pop down to the deep end in the afternoon and enjoy a game with us.

We look forward to working with you!

Current Mentors

Foundation Mentors

Rhandi Taylor

First Year Mentors

Ayan Samatar

Second Year Mentors

Troy Antoine

Third Year Mentors

Richard Blair

Engineers Without Borders Project Mentors

Tanbir Panesar – 2018/2019 Engineers Wthout Borders Challenge Finalist
Nathan Arnold – 2018/2019 Engineers Wthout Borders Challenge Finalist

Less Engineering, more Networking?

Don’t forget about the buddy system over at GK Unions –

The Buddy Scheme is a relaxed peer-to-peer network coordinated by GK Unions that aims to help students settle in to life at Medway and support them throughout their university journey.