From officially required and a part of your course to Individual projects taken on, maybe building a cool liquid heat distribution for a PC or possibly helping third world countries develop as a society and contributing to the community growth.

Current Greenwich Projects

Foundation Year

First – Waiting

Second – Waiting

Third – Waiting

First Year

EWB – Waiting

Design – Waiting

Maths – Waiting

Second Year

Waiting on details

Third Year

Waiting on Details

Engineers Without Borders Mixed

These projects will come together when we find out what the 2019-2020 challenge will be, this isn’t the project required by your staff, this is the group of people that have come together to really create from their own passion.

Something on the Side!

Renewable + Trains – Getting power produced at the demand.
Peltier Plates – A bit of Hot and Cold!
RC Machines – Drones, Cars, Racing to Battling, checkout BattleBots!
Lasertag IRIO – Infra red shooting system.
Astrolosis – Mining Asteriods in Space!
Greenhouse Electronics
DC to DC, Backup – For computers, no AC>DC>AC>DC , Just AC>DC>DC>DC…
Passive Desktop Cooling

Would like to add some more to here very soon.