Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Who is STEM Learning?

STEM Learning is an organisation devoted to enrich academically-minded students all the way from Primary School to Higher Education at Universities. Not only does STEM Learning develop students, they also support teachers and other educators, in order to further influence the power of their education across schools to colleges.

Furthermore, STEM Learning are also responsible for enabling individuals with the wish to inspire to become STEM Ambassadors and host STEM Clubs. By setting up a STEM account, you could be on the way to massively upstart your professional career.

Who are the STEM Ambassadors?

At the University of Greenwich Engineering Society, all of the founding members are certified STEM Ambassadors. STEM Ambassadors are simply those who are willing to give up their free time, in order to engage their audience with the wide range of STEM appliances, from 3D printers, drones and much more.

Currently, the STEM Ambassadors that are within the Engineering Society are:

  • Richard Blair
  • Lauren Aves
  • Nathan Arnold
  • Brett Wade
  • Rob Gladwell

In Summary

Thanks to the opportunities and resources provided by STEM Learning, the University of Greenwich Engineering Society are dedicated to enhancing the engagement towards STEM-related fields, towards younger pupils, whilst providing a fantastic opportunity to develop, or even kick-start your professional career for the future.